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Brainspotting Therapy (BSP) can be used to help anyone with daily life stressors. It is an advanced brain-body based therapeutic approach. BSP can treat survivors of trauma and abuse. It is used with clients experiencing varying psycho-emotional symptoms and somatic pain. It can also be used for clients who need support with public speaking and performance enhancement. There is a great deal of science supporting the efficacy of BSP and that it can be helpful for anyone seeking improved mood regulation, those who feel stuck in their existing therapy and for people who want to make faster progress with their psycho-emotional challenges. BSP allows for deeper, accelerated resolutions with long-lasting impacts in the brain and body. 

BSP is a form of psychotherapy that allows for therapeutic process using specific points in the client’s visual field to access unprocessed trauma in the subcortical brain. BSP uses relevant eye positions, somatic awareness, focused mindfulness and the therapist’s attunement to process and release the stored traumas which underlie a wide range of emotional and physical problems. BSP bypasses the conscious thinking process to get to the deeper more emotional and body-based processes where “frozen” trauma is held in the brain.

A brainspot is seen as an eye position that correlates with a physiological capsule that holds traumatic experience in memory form. It engages the regions of the brain that are specifically in neurobiological regulation and bypass the regions that are not involved in it.


BSP taps into the brain/body self-scanning to locate, hold in place, process and release focused areas that are in a maladaptive homeostasis (frozen in survival mode). For survival, the brain constantly scans and adjusts cells, organs and systems of the body 24 hours a day.


When a brain spot is activated, the deep brain appears to reflexively signal the therapist beyond the awareness of the client’s neocortex, that an area of relevance has been located. Subcortical brain feels a sense of connection when we pause at a location the neocortical brain doesn’t. We then begin to engage in processing leading to distress reduction.


We can also incorporate Bodyspotting (BDSP) within BSP to release pain that remains associated with trauma in the body. This involves addressing the neurology, movement, pain and fascia impacts (tissue that contains and supports all tissue in the body) associated with the trauma. The eye position through BSP contacts the trauma held in the brain and constricted fascia associated with trauma held can start to release. The feedback loop between the body and brain becomes more normalized through processing.


Imagine strengthening your natural resources and resilience while unwiring the neuropathways in the brain so that the trauma network is disconnected from everything that has happened in your life. BSP addresses the emotional distress that is impacting the part of your brain to help you feel better and more regulated.

Things that make you afraid today is no longer attached to things in your life that has caused fear. This allows for the brain to take the traumatic memories and consolidate them to long term memories, moving them out of the subcortex and storing them properly. The brain starts to heal. BSP is designed as a therapeutic tool that can be integrated into many healing modalities.

Start to regain your identity and confidence to live the life you deserve to live!

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